How to restore the old “Save As” button in Excel (or Word)

Remember the good old days when the top left menu icons in Excel and Word were nice big Save and Save As and New buttons?  Weren’t they were useful buttons? Well, not that useful, according to Microsoft UX designers. In 2003 the Save button was made smaller and moved to the outer frame. The Save As button disappeared completely! Fortunately, both Excel and Word have customisable menus, so you can put those buttons back like you want them.

Customise the ribbon (aka Button Menus)

First, Go into File, then Options, and select Customise Ribbon to see the menu editing dialog.

Customise Ribbon Dialog Box

In the right-hand pane (“main tabs”) select the Home tab, then at the bottom of the pane, hit the “New Group” button to create a new button group under that tab. The new group will appear as the last item under home tab, but if you want it to be on the top left menu when you return to excel, you should drag and drop it to the first position, just under home.

Create a “File” menu group

Now Right-click the new group and change the name to something friendlier than “New Group”, such as “File”, as we are adding file related buttons.

With the new “File” group selected, go to the left-hand pane and find and choose the buttons you want. Move them into the file group using the Add>> button in the centre of the window.

Add Save Button

Save, Save As, New file and Open are all available. If you always want to see the large version of the buttons, you should only put in a maximum of two buttons per group. Depending on your screen resolution, Excel might show you a compressed view of three or more buttons.

Click OK to confirm the changes and return to your worksheet. You should now see your classic Save and SaveAs buttons on the top left of the Home menu.

SaveAs Button

Happy Saving!


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